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Don’t be fooled by pricey cabinet suppliers who claim Ready to Assemble RTA cabinets are not well made or have very limited cabinet and feature choices.

Over the last 12 years, the quality of some RTA cabinets has gone up so dramatically, that many U.S. cabinet manufacturers are still playing catch up.

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You can find some cabinets priced less expensively than ours.  If so, and if quality is a priority, make sure you compare apples to apples. Even if some companies advertise that their cabinets are a PREMIERE or ELITE line, here are


1) Do your cabinets contain any particleboard?  (Particleboard swells, buckles, and splits if it gets wet; plywood cabinet boxes are more durable.  Our cabinets contain NO particleboard whatsoever). 

2) Are the cabinet boxes - sides and backs - made of sturdy plywood, or do you have to pay extra for that? (Grade-A plywood is standard on every one of our cabinet lines).

3)  Are your cabinet shelves made of plywood covered with a matching wooden veneer?  (Some companies sell cabinets with flimsy particleboard shelves.  ALL of our cabinet iines have solid PLYWOOD shelves covered with a matching wooden veneer).

4) If your cabinets have plywood sides, are the sides of all cabinets finished on the outside, or is the plywood exposed on some cabinets? (This can be important to some people with allergies or a sensitivity to the chemicals used in wood cabinets. ALL of our cabinets have finished sides with wooden veneers covering the plywood on the sides of every cabinet, not just those at the end of a run.  No need to buy extra skins from us).

5)  Are the backs of your cabinet bases and your cabinet drawer sides and bottoms just 1/8" or 1/4" thick?  (All of our base cabinets have close to full 1/2" thick backs, and our drawers have nearly 1/2" thick sides and bottoms.  When cabinet dealers don't list detailed specs like this, it is usually because they don't want you to see just how many differences there really are in the construction of a product, even if their doors look similar on the outside of a cabinet).

6)  Are your cabinets finished on the inside?  (Some manufacturers cover exposed plywood, MDF, or particleboard interiors with a stain and a coat of varnish.  All of our cabinets have finished wooden veneers on the inside and on the outside of our plywood boxes that match their cabinet fronts).

7)  Do your Ready-to-Assemble cabinets have to be drilled, nailed, glued, clamped, and stapled, or can they easily be assembled with PRE-MOUNTED "L" brackets and locking plates?  (Lots of RTA cabinets require drills, brad nailers, glue guns, staple guns, and clamps. NOT OURS. Since cabinets that are just glued or stapled together have a tendency to separate where the staples meet the frame, this can be a major drawback.  Other sellers provide the L-bracket and locking plate connectors, but buyers have to measure every piece of wood to determine their placement, drill holes for them, and mount them.  Kitchen Cabinet Discounts' metal locking plates and L-brackets are PRE-MOUNTED on our wood.  You just slide each locking plate over its corresponding L-bracket, add the center screw to the pre-drilled hole, and tighten the other two screws that are already in place.  Or, you can buy our cabinets from us already assembled).  

8)  If a company says it uses CAMLOCK connectors, ask, "Are the camlocks made of cheesy plastic or are they metal?"  (Plastic is not nearly as durable as a study metal). Our BAMBOO line uses METAL camlock connectors.  All of our other cabinets use PRE-MOUNTED METAL "L" brackets and locking plates.

9)  Are your cabinet drawer glides FULL EXTENSION, or just 3/4 extension? (You get 25% more drawer space with full extension drawer glides, which are standard on ALL of our deluxe and semi-custom cabinets).

10) Are your cabinet drawer glides basic epoxy glides, or are they heavy duty glides?  (You can expect basic white epoxy glides on builder grade cabinets, but if you pay more for your cabinets, make sure the drawer glides are heavy duty ones that are stronger and more durable.  All of our deluxe and semi-custom cabinets have heavy duty undermount glides).

11) Do your cabinets have SOFT-CLOSE drawers? (All of the drawers on our deluxe and semi-custom cabinets are FULL EXTENSION SOFT CLOSE.  This feature alone is worth 30% more).

12)  Are your cabinet doors and door frames 3/4" thick?  (All of our cabinet doors and drawer frames are close to 3/4" thick).

13) Are your cabinets GLAZED?  (A glaze on a cabinet does NOT refer to a polyurethane finish.  GLAZED cabinets are those with a second staining color that provides two-tone definition and pizazz, before the finish is added.  Many retailers charge an extra 15-20% extra just for this feature.  It is standard on all of our deluxe and semi-custom cabinets with the exception of our Bamboo and Shaker cabinets.

14)  Are your cabinets approved by the KCMA -- the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers' Association? Seventeen of our cabinet lines received KCMA approval when cabinets assembled by our warehouse were tested, which means they meet the KCMA's standard for durability and quality.  Cabinets that comply and bear the KCMA certification are recognized in the marketplace as a quality product able to perform after a rigorous battery of tests simulating years of typical household use. Tests are performed by approved third-party independent laboratories.  Since KCMA approved labs will not test UNassembled cabinetry, our U.S. based warehouses assemble our RTA cabinets before delivering them to the KCMA's designated test labs.

15)  Do your cabinets comply with the current California Air Resources Board's (CARB) emissions standard?  ALL of Kitchen Cabinet Discounts' cabinet lines do.  Formaldehyde and aldehyde are natural ingredients found in organic products such as paints, dyes, and glues.  The Calfornia Air Resources Board took the lead nationwide to establish rules to reduce and standardize the use of formaldehyde and aldehyde in hardwood, plywood, particleboard, and medium density fiberboard used or sold in the state of California to levels that do not pose a risk to humans.  Several other states and the Environmental Protection Agency are considering passing similar legislation.  Although Kitchen Cabinet Discounts sells cabinets to all 50 states, not just California, our cabinet lines are already CARB Phase 2 certified, and meet or exceed safe emissions levels as regulated by the current CARB threshhold limits test.

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Search by Keyword

Kitchen Cabinet Discounts sells Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) maple, oak, and birch kitchen cabinets and RTA vanities up to 75% off the retail price to builders, contractors, apartment managers, and homeowners.  Cabinets assemble with just a screwdriver and rubber mallet, or, for just $15 - $21 more per cabinet, we can assemble them for you.  Our discount kitchen cabinets are in-stock, and usually ship within 2 days of address verification and payment clearing to all 50 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  

Kitchen Cabinet Discounts stocks only well-constructed builder grade RTA cabinets, Shaker cabinets, Semi-Custom RTA cabinets, and Deluxe RTA cabinets, and sells them to the public at wholesale prices. Many RTA kitchen cabinets on the market today require drills, brad nailers, glue guns, staple guns and clamps. NOT OURS. Our RTA cabinets are:

1)  Easy to Assemble - Hinges and sturdy METAL camlocks and non-tarnish METAL locking plates and L-brackets are already PRE-MOUNTED on cabinet doors and panels.  
2)  No Cheesy Plastic Camlocks; No Flimsy Staples to Separate from the Frame 
3)  KCMA Certified - Our cabinet lines are subjected to rigorous tests simulating years of typical household that by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, THE organization that sets the industry standard for cabinet durability and quality in the U.S.  All lines are already KCMA certified,  except the Northern White Shaker, Beveled Gramercy White, Gramercy Midnight Black, Uptown and Downtown, which are still being tested.
4) CARB Certified - ALL of our cabinet lines meet California Air Resources Board Phase 2 tough standards for VOC emissions;
6) Dovetail Drawers standard on ALL cabinet lines except Country Oak
7) Heavy Duty Full-Exension SOFT CLOSE GLIDES standard on all DELUXE and SEMI-CUSTOM cabinets
8) Soft close DOOR Hinges standard on many SEMI-CUSTOM cabinets;
9) Free Professional Design Service to customers purchasing at least $2,000 worth of our RTA cabinets;
10) NO Credit Card Processing Fee - NO Separate Pallet Fees - NO Handling Charges - NO Hidden Fees

 KCD KitchenCabinetDiscounts RTA Yorktown Patriot Door RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Discount RTA Cabinets     WALNUT CREEK RTA KITCHEN CABINET DISCOUNTS DOOR    Copyright RTAKitchen Cabinet Discounts PEARL CREEK RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts DOOR   KCD KitchenCabinetDiscounts RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts RTA Cabinets Discount Napa Valley Bordeaux Rope Cabinets Birch RTA Cabinets AKN
Yorktown Patriot/Semi-Custom     Walnut Creek/Semi-Custom          Pearl Creek/Semi-Custom      Napa Valley Bordeaux Rope/Semi-Custom
    10'X10' Starts at $1,517                 10'X10' Starts at $1,517             10'X10' Starts at $1,517                 10'X10' Starts at $1,517

  Beveled Black RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Gramcery RTA Door     Beveled White RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Gramercy White RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Door    KCD KitchenCabinetDiscounts IMPERIAL BIRCH RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts RTA Discount Kitchen Cabinets Birch Maple      KCD KitchenCabinetDiscounts RTA Chestnut Pillow RTA Kitchen Cabinets Discount RTA Maple Cabinets RTA Birch Cabinets

   Beveled Black/Semi Custom         Beveled White/Semi Custom           Imperial Birch/Semi-Custom        Chestnut Pillow/Deluxe
   10'X10' Starts at $1,517               10'X10' Starts at $1,517                  10'X10' Starts at $1,517                10'X10' Starts at $1,715

  Copyright KitchenCabinetDiscounts RTA Light Shaker RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Birch Cabinets AKN shaker cabinets     Copyright KitchenCabinetDiscounts Dark Pepper Shaker Cabinets RTA Kitchen Cabinets Shaker Cabinets RTA shaker cabinets     Copyright KitchenCabinetDiscounts White Shaker RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts RTA Kitchen Cabinets Discount Shaker Cabinets RTA Birch Cabinets Shaker Cabinet       Copyright KitchenCabinetDiscounts RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Dark Mocha Shaker Cabinets RTA Maple Cabinets Shaker Cabinets RTA Shaker AKN

  Light Shaker/Semi-Custom        Dark Pepper Sheker/Semi-Custom    White Shaker/Semi-Custom          Choc. Mocha Shaker/Semi-Custom
  10'X10' Starts at $1,261              10'X10' Starts at $1,402                     10'X10' Starts at $1,402                10'X10' Starts at $1,493

  Copyright KitchenCabinetDiscounts BBG Chocolate Better Builder Grade Cabinets RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Discount builder grade RTA Birch Cabinets AKN       Copyright KitchenCabinetDiscounts BBG Spice Better Builder Grade RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts builder grade cabinets RTA Birch discount Cabinets  AKN      KCD BBG BETTER BUILDER GRADE EXPRESSO DOOR Kitchen Cabinet Discounts RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts.      Copyright KitchenCabinetDiscounts Country Oak Builder Grade RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Discount builder grade cabinets RTA Oak Cabinets AKN
BBG Cherry/Better Builder Grade    BBG Spice/Better Builder Grade  BBG Expresso/Better Builder Grade     Country Oak/Basic Builder Grade
  10'X10' Starts at $1,076                  10'X10' Starts at $1,076               10'X10' Starts at $1,076                       10'X10' Starts at $941

       PHOTO COMING                     PHOTO COMING

      Uptown Semi-Custom                 Downtown Semi-Custom                  
      10'X10' Starts at $1,517              10'X10' Starts at $1,517                                


Click **HERE** to see a sketch of a BASIC kitchen design with 11 RTA cabinets that will fit an L-SHAPED 10' X 10' kitchen for a STARTING PRICE as little as:

Chestnut Pillow - $1,715

Yortown Patriot - $1,517

Walnut Creek Birch Cabinets - $1,517
Pearl Creek Birch Cabinets - $1,517
Napa Valley Bordeaux Rope Birch Cabinets - $1,517
Beveled Black Cabinets- $1,517
Beveled Gramercy White Cabinets - $1,517
Uptown White Cabinets- $1,517

Downtown BlackCabinets - $1,517
Imperial Birch Cabinets - $1,517

Chocolate Mocha Shaker Cabinets - $1,493
Dark Pepper Shaker Cabinets - $1,402

White Shaker Cabinets - $1,402
Light Shaker Cabinets - $1,261

BBG Chocolate - $1,076
BBG Expresso - $1,076

BBG Spice - $1,076
BBG Tan - $1,076

Country Oak Cabinets - $941

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