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Need Help Designing Your Kitchen?

Need Help Designing Your Kitchen?

Kitchen Cabinet Discounts offers a FREE kitchen design service to any customer who purchases just $2,000 or more of our RTA cabinets.

To start the design process, customers pay us $75 upfront (that we REFUND IN FULL if they purchase just $2,000 worth of RTA cabinetry from us), and we send them a detailed design questionnaire that:
  • Walks them though how to measure their kitchen
  • Helps identify cabinet features they want to incorporate within their budget
  • Clarifies contact information, cabinet assembly choices, and shipping choices
Within two business days from the time the questionnaire is returned, our experienced kitchen designer will create a computer generated design layout based upon measurements provided by the customer.  We'll send images of each wall of the design to the customer, will confer with them to clarify concerns, and will tweak the design.  Customers are often immensely pleased with their designs because we come up with design choices they never anticipated that are practical, attractive, and often, that saves them money.

Here are some examples of customer layouts:


Kitchens come in four major layouts:

GALLEY Layout - two rows of cabinets on opposite sides of a kitchen

L-SHAPED Layout - cabinets lining 2 converging walls

U-SHAPED Layout - cabinets around portions of 3 adjacent walls

ISLAND Layout - having a separate island workspace along with any other layout

    (See our RTA CABINETS MAPLE, OAK, BAMBOO menu tab for photos of kitchen layouts, and our RTA CABINETS SPECS AND PRICES page for a complete listing of all cabinet specifications, sketches, and prices).


    Getting accurate kitchen measurements is important.  Click below for:

    1) Directions
    2) Sample Grid
    3) Blank Grid

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