Planning Your RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts


Kitchens come in four major layouts:

GALLEY Layout - two rows of cabinets on opposite sides of a kitchen

L-SHAPED Layout - cabinets lining 2 converging walls

U-SHAPED Layout - cabinets around portions of 3 adjacent walls

ISLAND Layout - having a separate island workspace along with any other layout

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      Want to update, upgrade, or expand your kitchen without spending a fortune?  You don't have to settle for resurfaced cabinets or just new door fronts over your old cabinets.  Nor do you have to pay $8,000 to $25,000 for cabinets from a home improvement center or kitchen cabinet center for an average kitchen.  Order our quality made RTA cabinets instead, save THOUSANDS, and allow us to create a computerized cabinet layout of your kitchen design. 


      Replacing worn or obsolete cabinets with attractive new kitchen designs can be a major morale booster every time you enter your kitchen.  With a little creativity though, your kitchen cabinet layout design also can have pizzazz.  By just adding a few semi-custom touches, visitors won’t just say, “What an improvement!,” but rather, “Wow!  What an incredible difference!”  Some classy additions may include:

      • Diagonal cabinets in corners
      • Glass mullion doors
      • Plate racks, wine racks, and decorative end doors
      • Custom made hoods or wooden hoods to hang over stoves
      • Fluted fillers placed between select cabinets or to trim appliances
      • Decorative wooden appliqué onlays
      • Hand carved or molded corbels that add drama to shelves, islands, and counters
      • Crown molding on top of cabinets adds glamor and elegance, especially if 4" high, or stacked even higher
      • Under cabinet molding to hide accent lights
      • Accessories such as:
      o    Rollout trays for base cabinets
      o    Rollout garbage and recycling bins
      o    Spice racks
      o    Rollout pantry organizers
      o    Cutlery rollout trays


      This simple 11' X 8’  L-shaped kitchen dated from the 1980’s.  Its eleven 30” high cabinets didn't offer much storage space, or much excitement. Close up, the cabinets looked dingy, and one of the drawers no longer closed properly.  Ergonomically, this kitchen was a nightmare.  It required lots of stooping, bending, squatting, and stretching.  The cabinets were crowded and hard to keep organized. The blind base cabinet in the corner made it next to impossible to access items even when the homeowners were on their knees, ducked their heads into the dark cavern of a cabinet, and flapped their arms around, trying to guess what they were touching.  The trash can in the left corner was functional, but not an attractive addition to the kitchen.  The microwave sitting on the counter took up needed workspace.  Additionally, having the stove against the wall is a fire code violation in many states, as splattered grease could hit the wall and start a fire.

                               BEFORE KITCHEN CABINET DISCOUNTS MAKEOVER          

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      By eliminating the bulkhead, (the projecting 10” soffit wallboard built up above the cabinets), and stretching their dollars with RTA cabinets and amenities, these homeowners replaced their 30 inch high standard grade cabinets with:
      • 36” high semi-custom RTA ktichen cabinets, which, with the bulkhead gone and the addition of recessed ceiling lights, make the kitchen feel larger and look more modern
      • A diagonal corner wall cabinet for dramatic effect and easy reach
      • A double tray lazy-susan in the corner base cabinet for quick access to dozens of items with a single spin
      • A 24 inch deep cabinet above the refrigerator, instead of a 12" deep one, doubling that cabinet's storage capacity
      • Roll out shelves on base cabinets to minimize stooping
      • A 9” roll out pantry base cabinet to hold organized rows of cans, jars, and bottles that are simple to access
      • A 3rd wall of 48" wide X 18” deep cabinets on the bottom and three 15" wide X 12” deep cabinets on the top designed to create pizzazz with glass mullion doors that offer the appearance of a finished hutch.  (Adding this 3rd wall of cabinets to a formerly empty wall increases kitchen cabinet storage space 35 percent, allows the family to showcase its china and crystal, and provides an eat-in-counter or additional work station);
      • 4" crown molding on top of the cabinets that adds elegance;
      • Under cabinet molding to hide under counter lights and make each cabinet look like a piece of finished furniture.


      The "L-shaped" portion of the kitchen still has 11 cabinets, but with a lazy susan and corner diagonal cabinet instead of blind corner cabinets, items are much easier to access. Notice how elegant the 4" dentil design crown molding above the double-depth refrigerator transforms a plain cabinet into elegant furniture.

         Copyright Kitchen Cabinet Discounts RTA Kitchen Cabinets Discounts Cabinets RTA KCD-Lshape Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Kitchen Makeover stainless     Copyright Kitchen Cabinet Discounts RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts RTA Cabinets KCD Dentil Molding with Stainless Fridge

      A new 3RD WALL of cabinetry features 3 glass mullion doors on top; a 3-drawer 18" base cabinet on bottom left, and an 18" base cabinet on the bottom right with roll out recycling and trash bins. (Base cabinets are placed back-to-back to maximize space in this kitchen).

       Copyright Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Planning Kitchen Planning RTA cabinets 3rd wall closed    Copyright Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Planning Kitchen Planning RTA cabinets 3rd wall full open.JPG

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      The 3" wide pull out spice columns flanking the microwave are both decorative and functional.  They pull out to reveal space for dozens of spice bottles.

      BELOW: Remember when a 9" base cabinet held nothing more than a baking pan or two?  This BFP09 - 9" base pantry below rolls out to offer easy access to dozens of cans, jars, & condiments.  

          Copyright Kitchen Cabinet Discounts RTA Kitchen Cabinet Discounts Cabinets Discount RTA 9 inch base pantry KCD Kitchen AFTER PHOTO stainless

      1)  UPGRADED RTA CABINETRY FOR THIS L-SHAPED KITCHEN DESIGN:  Cost of 36” high semi-custom RTA cabinets in the Madison Avenue cabinet model which has full-extension, soft close drawers (other models can cost significantly less), including a corner diagonal wall cabinet, lazy susan corner base cabinet, double depth cabinet above the refrigerator, and eight other cabinets:  $2,002.

      2)  ADDING A 3RD WALL OF RTA CABINETS TO LOOK LIKE A HUTCH:  This kitchen was too narrow to add 24" deep cabinets on the third wall.  By placing an 18" wide X 24" deep drawer pack and an 18" wide X 24" deep base cabinet back to back, instead of side by side, the base was then only 18" away from the wall, yet a full 48" wide, creating a highly desirable new work space.  Three 15" wide X 36" high X 12" deep wall cabinets with glass mullion doors were used on top.  Cost:  $917.

      3)  PREMIUM RTA UPGRADES:  4 inch dentil crown molding atop cabinets, 1.5 inch molding under cabinets to hide under-counter lights, 9 decorative door end panels added to end cabinets for a custom furniture look, decorative fluted fillers to trim the top of the range and tops and both sides of the refrigerator, 2 pull out spice columns on sides of microwave, roll out pantry for 9" base cabinet to hold jars and cans, high quality piston operated soft close roll out trash and recycling bins, and miscellaneous other molding and trim pieces:  $2,390.

      TOTAL COST FOR THESE RTA KITCHEN CABINETS WITH  ALL PULL OUTS, ROLL OUTS, MOLDING, TRIM, 9 EXTRA DECORATIVE DOOR END PANELS AND ALL UPGRADES MENTIONED:  $5,421.  Although shipping costs are additional, we charge only the cost of shipping the warehouse obtains from the freight lines that bid on your specific shipping destination, without any padded fees. 

      Kitchen planning and design are our specialty.  At Kitchen Cabinet Discounts, you can buy our high quality Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets made of maple, oak, bamboo, or birch and RTA bathroom vanities for one third to one half of what they sell for in kitchen cabinet showrooms and big box stores.  Even builders and contractors are amazed by how much they can save by purchasing cabinets from us instead of a lumber yard.  Plus, for just $15 - $21 extra per cabinet, our warehouse will assemble your cabinets for you.  We ship cabinets nationwide within just a few days of your payment clearing.

      Did you know the kitchen is considered to be the heart of a home, and a gathering place for family, friends, and neighbors?  According to the National Association of Realtors, the kitchen also is the single, most important room to prospective buyers when they make a home purchasing decision.  Another reason to consider remodeling a kitchen is that even though homeowners are cautious about remodeling in this economy, they realize kitchens and baths are still good investments.

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      Kitchen Cabinet Discounts offers a FREE professional design service to anyone ordering more than $2,000 worth of RTA cabinets from us.  To start the design process, or to learn more about our RTA kitchen cabinets, builder grade RTA cabinets, semi-custom RTA cabinets, deluxe RTA cabinets, or RTA vanities, jut email us at, or call us on one of the phone numbers listed at the top of the page.

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